Why Do Condoms Fail to Protect – in Jail?

There are all kind of statistics out there and if you thought that there might not be a study out there to identify the prevalence of condom use errors among detained female teens and to test two inter-related hypotheses concerning condom failure, then you were obviously wrong. To make sure you reduce the risk of condom failure check our condom use manual.

The study found that five forms of condom use errrors/problems were common among adjudicated girls:

  • not discussing condom use with the partner (34.3%)
  • not having a condom when one was desired (48.5%)
  • starting sex before application (21.6%)
  • removing condoms before sex concludes (26.9%)
  • and breakage (32.8%)

Significant, associations were found between condom errors/problems and drug/alcohol use. Errors/problems with condom use were significantly higher among teens diagnosed with an sexually transmitted disease (STD).

We learned something today. The findings suggest that detained female teens may have experienced multiple condom use error and problems thereby increasing their vulnerability to STD acquisition. And life in prison is not so different from the life outside the walls when it comes to condom use.

Via PubMed

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