Beware of Doorknobs and Bias Crimes

Condom Doorknob Treated as Bias Crime

Dear Condomuntiy reader, I probably don’t have to explain that stealing condoms is illegal. On the other side, using condoms as football socks holders or as party lights is perfectly alright, we know that too.

But you might be a little bit surprised that placing a condom over a doorknob could get you in serious (legal) trouble. Isn’t that good to know? We warned you.

Alright, here’s what happened. The priest in charge of the Newman Catholic Center at the Montclair State University found an unused condom covering the doorknob of the center.

Thinking that this was “more than just a coincidence” after a series of on-campus discussions regarding abortion and gay rights in the recent past, the priest handed the matter over to the police. The Clifton department is now treating the incident as a bias crime.

Who would’ve thought?

Picture [via MyHeraldNews/Schillaci]

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