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It is hard to judge an online store only by its looks, so we’re stepping up to help you out. Online condom stores might be even harder, because it is absolutely crucial that you get a good product (not expired, discreet packaging, good price) shipped fast.

We got in touch with the shop owners and wanted to know what is good about their shop, how long they’ve been around and why you should buy condoms online at their store. Everything displayed in italics is in their own words.

This is a condom online store review for Condom Country. Don’t forget to check the ratings by our users and see how many people voted for that site to get a perfectly unbiased opinion. Also, for me personally the response time by the customer support is an important factor in ranking any website (check in “short facts”).

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Condom Country Short Facts

  • Date of foundation: 1994 in Boston, USA
  • Founder: Bob Ramstad
  • Where they are: Seattle, USA
  • Response time: Half a day
  • Website: or
  • Products they have: Deep selection of condoms, lubricants, massage products, erotic gifts and toys
  • Regional market: “Our primary market is the US, but we ship worldwide and have many very happy repeat customers in other countries”

Recent News about Condom Country

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What Condom Country Says

Why should anyone choose your shop?
“We have been in business since 1994, and are one of the oldest stores on the Internet, period. We keep products in stock, ship orders quickly, and have fair pricing and a well organized web site”.

The Website

What are the website’s specialities?
“Our Internet retail web site went live in September 1994. We were based in Boston at the time. I (Bob of Condom Country) was involved in the technical aspects of building and launching the site, which was one of the first sites on the Internet to feature shopping cart technology. The company is now in Seattle. As far as specialties are concerned, of course we have a very deep selection of condoms, but also sell many lubricants, massage products, erotic gifts and a few toys to spice things up”.

Condom Country Main Site
This is the main page of Condom Country. Products are found on the left and more information about the store in the main top navigation.

Condom Country Homepage

Older stuff at a big store has to go away and make way for new products. That’s why on this page you’ll find all of the steals.

Condom Country Clearance

About Page
If you have any questions about, here’s the place to go. One of the most informative “about pages” around. If you still have questions email them, or just comment here.

Condom Country About Page

Their Products

This is what Condom Country has in store for you:

  • Atlas Condoms
  • Beyond Seven Condoms
  • Class Act Condoms
  • Contempo Condoms
  • Crown Condoms
  • Durex Condoms
  • Female Condoms
  • Inspiral Condoms
  • Kameleon Condoms
  • Kimono Condoms
  • Kling-Tite Naturalamb Condoms
  • LifeStyles Condoms
  • Night Light Condoms
  • Okamoto Condoms
  • ONE Condoms
  • Pleasure Plus Condoms
  • Paradise Condoms
  • Rough Rider Condoms
  • Trojan Condoms
  • Trustex Condoms
  • Vivid Condoms

What are the hottest items in your store?
“Right now our hottest item would have to be the Trojan Her Pleasure Vibrating Touch fingertip massager. We’re constantly reordering them, as they are always flying off the shelf! We also sell a lot of snugger fit condoms, condoms which are narrower than average”.


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