Perfectly Condomized for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and I thought I’d give a short guide to be perfectly condomized on the night out. You see, we get quite some traffic from people coming here looking for a condom costume. It involves four steps:

First if you don’t want to make your hands dirty and do a fashion condom costume with 4000 condom wrappers yourself, then just google something like condom costume and you’ll find enough material to work with. After your costume decision, we’ll add bags, a condom ringtone and the appropriate condom party lights. Off we go.

1. Condom Costumes
Here are some examples for condom costumes. They aren’t only strange and funny, but they also carry slightly helpless names (descriptive nevertheless): Condom Dispenser Adult Costume, Adult Captain Condom Costume and Royal Nights Condom Costume. Clicking on the names will forward you to the posts with bigger pictures for those condom costumes. Do let us know if you’ve ever seen anything like this, or if indeed other more creative Halloween costumes.

Condom Costumes for Halloween

2. Condom Ringtone
No Halloween condom costume is complete without the proper condom ringtone. You may listen to the ringtone on the top of this post and read more about the condom ringtone story here. To go ahead and download straight away go visit now.

3. Safe Sax

To carry all the condoms you’ll give away (or at least all your personal stuff) there’s nothing more suitable than a Safe Sax tote.

Safe Sax Colors Tote

4. Condom Party Lights

We’re almost good to go, just in case your hosting the party make sure you do get the lights right. Nothing beats a condom costume matching condom light party of course.

Condom Lights Party

These are the four steps involved in being condomized for Halloween. If I missed anything feel free to add it in the comments. Is condomizing for Halloween a good idea? You’ll have to decide for yourselves,

Picture Credits for the costumes 1, 2

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