Condom Chocolate Ice Cream no Kidding

I remember some condom stories with the “eeeeeew” effect like the condom hairbands or the recent pizza condom. Let’s say I’ve just unearthed another pretty interesting example of condom use zen. Prepare for the Chocolate Condom Ice Cream.

Condom Ice Cream Buzz

Rumour has it that you can get an innocent Korean chocolate ice cream packaging with a cute turtle on it. However the instructions on the back of the ice cream packaging involves scissors and a somewhat strange shape for an ice cream.

The whole story was sent in by a guy from Brisbane, so I’ll let you listen to his own words:

“Upon paying the $1.90 for our desserts, the lady behind the counter said that she would get a pair of scissors so we could open my ice cream. I just thought that it was difficult packaging, but then noticed some instructions on the back involving scissors and a strange shape.”


“So I opened the pack and out popped a latex-coated treat. I was expecting plastic, but it’s cool that the Koreans are thinking laterally. She grabbed the tip of my rubber friend, pulled, snipped, and then–with a desperate sense of urgency– motioned for me to get it in my mouth. It’s a bit like a balloon, you see; all that rubber was trying to squeeze the chocolaty goodness out.”

The Packaging (and the Turtle)
The ice cream needs to be opened with a pair of scissors.

Chocolate Condom Ice Cream

The Condom Ice Cream
Korean ice cream in Brisbane.


For everyone brave enough to try and get the condom ice cream, it costs a mere 1.90 Dollars. Enjoy!

P.S. While at it, check out this patented thing here, that looks suspiciously like an ice cream scooper…

Condom Ice Cream Spoon

Sincere thanks and picture credits Jademonkey/Scooper via IP Funny


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