Social Media Users Unite: You Can Save Africa from HIV

Today Condomunity and Troy Kennedy of thedebateclub have an easy message for you: Do some good with only a few clicks and support the Coke and Condoms Campaign. Join the Coke and Condoms facebook group. Invite your friends to join you. Digg this campaign, stumble it and talk about it. It’s pretty easy to see why.

It's as easy as joining our Facebook group

Because every member matters, because every voice helps because every click spreads awareness and helps to help Africa a bit. and Troy Kennedy, a social entrepreneur and co-founder of thedebateclub, want to make helping as easy as joining this facebook group. And this is what your support will trigger:

44 million servings of Coca-Cola products are sold across Africa – a day. This equates to 16 billion bottles a year. SO how about distributing condoms on a massive scale in Africa by asking Coca-Cola to team up with the United Nations Population Fund and a condom company and ask them to supply a condom with each bottle?

Pretty impressive hm? You’ve got to know that donor support for condoms in developing countries remain stagnant at this time and far below projected need. So every donor, every help, every awareness this problem gets is needed.

Africa’s HIV Situation

Due to the difficulty in treating HIV/AIDS, preventing infection is a key aim in controlling the epidemic, with health organizations promoting safe sex in attempts to slow the spread of the virus.

At the recent International AIDS Conference in Mexico City one thing was made clear: measures need to be taken with condoms playing a key role in comprehensive HIV prevention, but donor support for condoms in developing countries remain stagnant and far below projected need. In 2007 33.2 million people lived with the disease, it claimed 2.1 million lives in the same year. Over three-quarters of these deaths occurred in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The poorest African countries rely almost entirely on donations of condoms from outside agencies such as the United Nations Population Fund. The UNFPA estimates that in 2005 at least 13.1 billion condoms were needed to significantly reduce the spread of HIV and another 4.4 billion were required for family planning. The number of condoms donated in 2005 was 1.8 billion – representing just 10% of the need.

Coke Campaign Goals

We primarily aim to persuade the Coca-Cola Company to take a good look at the unique position they have and utilizing their unique distribution network to deliver important medicines and protective equipment like condoms to the millions of people that desperately need them. But actually, we would like to encourage everyone to help too. Do you know a company that would like to sponsor condoms or has got similar means to help out? Would you like to write a blog post about this? Have you got any other suggestions to take action? Be our guests, comment on the article, get in touch with us or do something yourself.

New Series on Condomunity

This is also the start of a new series on condomunity. Troy Kennedy will regularly post updates on how things evolve, how successful his campaigning is and what this means to him. All updates can be read on here or in a more convenient way in your feed reader of course.

Further Reading

If you want to inform yourself on the topic outside of our campaign we suggest give these organisations a visit: UNFPA, UNAIDS, Population Action International and PSI.

So, join the Coke and Condoms facebook group, vote for Troy’s Battlefront campaign if you want to see him on tv and do some good. Please feel free to contribute and comment below!

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