Very Clever Packaging Design

I meant to post this clever packaging design by Nagy/Poulsen for a long time and now finally the concept called (no) more sex has its rightful place on

It is possibly one of the best concepts I’ve seen so far and tackle the awareness problem visually.

The Condom 3-Pack reveals a message everytime you take out a rubber to use.

1 – Packaging Unopened


2 – Minus 1 Condom


3 – Minus 2 Condoms


4 – Minus 3 Condoms…


What makes the thing even more fascinating is that the two creators Robert Daniel Nagy and Mads Jakob Poulsen had 24 hours to come up with their results.

This is what they say about their packaging:

This is a handy package constructed so it opens from the right to the left, revealing a simple funny statement as each condom is taken out (and hopefully used!). The statement simply connects ‘condoms’ with ‘having sex’,and ‘no more condoms’ meaning ‘no more sex’. The message should come across in eye level with the target group without being patronising or judgemental. Sex is fun, yet serious.

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