Chinese First Grade Sex Education

When have you heard about condoms for the first time in your lives? I bet it wasn’t as early as in your first grade (at least for me it wasn’t). Apparently some schools in China start as early as that with illustrated sex education guides which I thought were good fun to look at.

I think China is trying to catch up with full speed and that can only be a good sign. Just shortly before the Olympics the Chinese condom brand Elasun received great coverage for a brilliant Olympic condom campaign.

The story was featured on a Chinese blog as “My Nephew’s First Grade Sex Ed Guide” and translated by chinasmack for your reading pleasure. In case you’re wondering what the rest of it looks like see for yourselves after the jump or click on the picture.

The introduction says: “No matter if you are at home or in public, you must be conscientious of the private matters of your body. There are parts of the body that can be displayed for others to see, such as your eyes, nose, mouth, hands, etc. Then there are parts that cannot be revealed, such as sexual organs, buttocks, girl’s chest, etc.” It’s as easy as that!

Chinese Condom Illustration

Sex Ed Illustration

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