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Here's an interesting price comparison for a Durex Elite 12 pack kindly served to us by pricerunner. The prices vary from an average 3.15 (GBP) in Shanghai to 12.47 (GBP) in Ireland.

Another interesting aspect of this list is the price for a Durex Elite 12 pack in Houston or Denver compared to the rather high prices in Los Angeles or New York. Obviously there's a simple solution really: you can buy condoms online or do price comparisons online pretty easily and have them shipped to you. So where can you find cheap condoms? It's a real eye opener. The price tag difference is a whopping 6.72 British Pounds. Have a look at the entire list here:

  1. Shanghai £2.27
  2. Germany £2.75
  3. Belgium £3.46
  4. Austria £3.92
  5. Czech Republic £4.52
  6. Houston £4.86
  7. Hungary £5.18
  8. Denver £5.42
  9. Seattle £5.59
  10. Poland £5.91
  11. France £6.21
  12. Chicago £6.59
  13. Miami £6.67
  14. Los Angeles £7.01
  15. Portugal £7.17
  16. New York £7.40
  17. England £7.57
  18. Netherlands £7.67
  19. Ireland £8.99

While I think quality has its price I don't really agree with some of these high prices that we find in the UK and Netherlands.

Thanks to Dan and Pallab.

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