C-Box Condom Dispenser


We’ve covered various condom dispensers in the past like the Don’t Panic Button and the fantastic Cucoon.

Here’s another, newer creation called C-Box by Don’t Kill the Mood.

While the mentioned products all have fancy names in common, they are very different in their looks and meaning. The C-box is a discreet black or white packaging that isn’t really going to cause attention (compare with Don’t Panic Button and Cucoon).

What it does for you? It stores condoms, lucrication packets and individually wrapped wet towelette packets so you have everything conveniently set up.

This is how the condom dispenser works: remove the lid, pull back the roller, place the condoms in front, replace the lid, remove a condom and use it. Pretty simple.

And finally here are some product in use pictures:

White C-Box


C-Box in the Bathroom


Kitchen C-Box


Black and White C-Box in the Drawer



Beside Guitar


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