Captain Condom Adult Party Costume

Captain Condom Halloween Costume

With Halloween around the corner you have to come up with an original outfit just like every year. Worry no more! We have found you the perfect costume for this year’s Halloween parties! Captain Condom Adult comes to the rescue and hands out real condoms to those in need (you might also be interested in other condom costumes and more tips for Halloween).

Your costume comes with mask, cape, shirt, briefs and belt with condom pouch (yeah you still got to buy the condoms yourself). The costume is packed in a re-sealable polybag with handle to be carried to the next big happening. All the fun is available for 38,97 Dollars.

To be perfectly condomized grab the Bill Gates and the BBC World Service Trust condom ringtone and you’re ready to go. The ringtone can be listened to here and for a condom ringtone download hit You can listen to the ringtone right here.

Product Page [Costume Discounters via Lowest Priced Halloween Costumes]

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