Bungee Jump Cord Made of Condoms

I have news on the other uses for condoms front for you today. You may – or may not – have heard that condoms can be used (but definitely don’t have to) as a bungee jump rope. First I would like to point out that using this at home is not a good idea…

And then let’s move on. The Swiss hypermarket chain Migros was holding a contest for young adults living together in residential communities, asking them to produce videos with it’s brand M-Budget. There is also a condom brand called M-Budget which led this group featured in the video to produce a bungee jump rope out of 400 budget condoms and then perform the jump in front of the youtube crowd.

The video is well done and worth a watch (done in Swiss German), but it can’t be taken too seriously. Read on to see what 18’500 condoms will do.

However in 2008 veteran jumper Carl Dionisio created a 30-metre condom rope and used it to perform a real jump. Back then his idea was to create a similar feeling to his very first jump by not knowing how the condom cord would perform.

The cord was made by him and a friend who tied together 18’500 condoms, following an exact mathematical (physical probably also) plan of the jump. “Latex is latex. But the cord was based on a mathematical formula and although I was 99 per cent sure that it would work, my stomach was in a knot for a month before the jump”, Dionisio said back then.

Source for Dionisio’s jump.

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