Bumps You Will Love — Introducing LifeStyles Fun Bumps Condoms

Having bumps is not fun. Actually, having bumps is something that we all wanted to and still want to, avoid like the plague. But believe it or not, all that is about to change… LifeStyles has just introduced Fun Bumps Condoms and these are bumps you will definitely want to embrace!

LifeStyles knocked it out of the park with Fun Bumps. These condoms have just about everything! First up, those studs, or as LifeStyles likes to call them, “Bumps”. There are over 100 of the ultra raised, fun bumps strategically placed along the condom shaft to stimulate your parts in an oh-so-right way. When your girl is stimulated to perfection, you both will be more satisfied. Trust us.

LifeStyles Fun Bumps premium latex condoms also feature the brand’s exclusive UltraGlide lubricant. With a silky, smooth texture, the lubricant let’s you glide, or thrust, just the way you want.

If the fun bumps and UltraGlide lubricant weren’t enough, these condoms are also styled in a vibrant blue color and have a hint of mint flavor making them look cool, taste good and feel fantastic.

Like most LifeStyles condoms, these have a straight shape and feature a reservoir tip for your safety and comfort. Of course, Fun Bumps Condoms protect you and your partner from unwanted pregnancies and no-fun STDs too.

Maybe it’s time to call in sick with the bumps… LifeStyles Fun Bumps Condoms will give you the most fun you will ever have with bumps. We promise.

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