Billy Boy Natural Condoms

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We don’t sell condoms on Condomunity. This allows us to stay perfectly neutral with our condom reviews and to literally take the condoms apart.

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The Product

What they say:

BILLY BOY condoms are as sensual as love itself, and some of them have an aroma which suggests more. They are refreshingly different – the star among German brands.

What’s inside:

  • Cylindrically shaped condoms with reservoir, natural, transparent
  • Manual in English/German or any other language

The Billy Boy Natural Packaging

There are 3 forms of packaging for the Billy Boy Natural condoms (3, 4, 6 Pack).

Billy Boy Natural 3 Pack

Billy Boy Natural 3 Pack

Billy Boy Natural 4 Pack

Billy Boy Natural 4 Pack

Billy Boy Natural 6 Pack

Billy Boy Natural 6 Pack

Billy Boy Natural the Wrapper

The Billy Boy wrappers are a rectangular shape and attached to each other. Only after you’ve taken one off, yo can open the wrappers. Picture is 1:1 in sizing.

Billy Boy Natural Wrapper


What you say:

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Condom Shape

Billy Boy Natural are cylindrically shaped condoms with a reservoir.


The video for Billy Boy Natural will be with you very soon.

Buy Billy Boy Natural Online

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Summary Billy Boy Natural

  • Brand origin and date of formation: Germany, 1990
  • Find out more about Billy Boy Condoms: Our main ONE Condoms page and a ONE Condoms product overwiev
  • Find: Billy Boy homepage
  • Manufacturer: Mapa
  • Shape: Cylindrically shaped with reservoir
  • Length: 175 mm (without reservoir)
  • Width: 52 +/- 2 mm
  • Av. Thickness: 0,06 mm
  • Lubricant type: Non-spermicidal, normal
  • Quality: EN ISO 4074:2002

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