Bill Gates Condom Superstar

Ever since Bill Gates‘ Foundation and the BBC World Service Trust produced a sensationally successful condom ringtone he’s more and more becoming a condom superstar. That’s probably what Belgian Love Condom had in mind when producing their last campaign.

Bill Gates Love Condom

The ad says: “I finally discovered an efficient antivirus!!” and it’s signed by “Bill”. Which is quite funny when you take his latest latest area of engagement into account (listen to the condom ringtone here).Co-starring with Bill Gates are John (Lennon) and Arnold (Schwarzenegger) along with two unknown guys. If you have any ideas or gossip about who this could be please let us know below. Here are some hints:

  • With Love Condoms I reach the G-point in 8.7 seconds. – Icedick – (left)
  • Since I’m using Love Condoms, I can easily find a hole in the defence! – Hot Shot – (right)

Love Condom Who Are They

Product Page [Via Coups De Pub]

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