Beijing Olympic Games the Rubber

Beijing Olympic Sport

Back during the Olympic Games we reported about the massive condom use and the incredible viral ads by Elasun that were big in the western blogosphere and media.

Health officials distributed a 100’000 condoms in the Beijing Olympic village and another 300’000 in Beijing Hotels. These condoms were sponsored by the organizers and obviously produced in China. GOBON is one of the biggest Chinese condom producers and is also one of the largest condom supplier for the United Nations Fund of Poplation.

Luckily we got hold of an example to show to the rest of the world.

The Olympic Condom Cover
The upper end where you close the cover is heart shaped (hard to see because of the scan)

Olympic Games Condoms Packaging

The Olympic Condom Wrapper

Gobon Wrapper

Now you’re in the know. Vancouver officials for the next Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver have already announced the supply of condoms. Each athlete will allegedly get 18 condoms.

Sincere thanks to Hanna for sending this in

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