Remember Beer Makes People Look Better

NHS (UK’s National Health Service) reminds us what’s the essential travel wear. Take condoms with you and keep them handy at any time.

NHS: Passports. Tickets. Condoms.

They also remind us why that is important. Holidays, sun, sea, sand and beer make things look better than they really are. Watch the condoms on holiday video to see what we mean.

Condoms on Holiday

But actually (of course) they’ve got a point. Having condoms with you during your holidays is convenient in many ways:

  • You won’t have to worry about getting hold of any condoms
  • You’ll know where the condoms came from
  • You have a condom brand you trust
  • No problems asking for condoms if the people/shop assistants don’t your language

Just like the NHS puts it: Passports, Tickets, Condoms.

Via Urlesque

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