Shavethepussy Becomes Shavethefiffi

Update: I am no longer linking to that particular site, since it has been taken down entirely. You can now still browse to the article I have compiled about “shavethepussy” which will give you a pretty good idea what the viral ad was all about.

At the time all visitors to the sensationally successful Swedish intimate care guide are greeted with a simple “the site is closed“. You may wonder why since the site was attracting so many visitors, but the explanation is very simple. The RFSU cream soaps and gels associated with aren’t available in English speaking countries so they saw no reason in keeping it online.

But of course the reason for this entry is another one. Yes you can still access the pubic shaving fun through the back door which in this case is the Swedish version of the game. There are some minor differences but you definitely don’t need to speak any Swedish to get the hang out of it. Remember to give your piece of art an innovative name like “the bold and the beautiful“. Let’s see what you achieve with some scissors, a shaver and a comb.


Via Commercial Archive

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