900,000 Reasons to Use a Condom Every Time

By now, most people who engage in intimate activities know that they should practice safe sex, especially when not in a monogamous relationship, but not everyone does…

A cavalier attitude towards copulating is creeping back into to society. HIV/AIDs is still a major threat, but it’s not in the forefront of people’s minds as it once was, and with many STDs being easily treatable. Perhaps the reports that are rolling in about a strain of Gonorrhea which is resistant to normal treatments will remind lovers to use condoms consistently. This type of drug-resistant Gonorrhea isn’t isolated to third world countries — it has shown up in first world nations like Sweden and Japan. Will the United States, which has 700,000 people contracting Gonorrhea each year, be the next target for this super strain?

If ‘Super Gonorrhea’ isn’t enough to deter people from having sex au naturale, there is another reason for practicing safe sex that will appeal to everyone’s bottom-line. A man in Oregon was ordered to pay $900,000 to a woman he had sex with. He knew he had Herpes but didn’t tell her and he didn’t use a condom. Is that really how you want to spend $900,000?

Using a condom for every act of sexual intercourse is so much cheaper.

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