3,000,000 Free Condoms for Brazilian Carnival

Skimpy bathing suits and gyrating dances are just a couple of reasons Brazil has earned an international reputation for being a sexually free-spirited society. At no other time is this South American country’s mystique more apparent than during the revelry of Carnival, a 5-day annual celebration featuring music and dance. To keep party-goers as safe and healthy as possible, the Brazilian health department is passing out 3,000,000 free condoms during Rio de Janeiro’s enormous Carnival festivities. In addition to the condoms, this campaign will also distribute 55,000 bags to carry the condoms in, fans with anti-STD slogans, and pamphlets on safer sex.

Rio–along with other cities in Brazil such as Sao Paulo, Salvador and Florianopolis that are planning similar campaigns — will also administer onsite rapid HIV testing at various block parties. As each generation becomes sexually active, Brazil promotes safe sex practices with continual education on the use of condoms. Way to go. Sounds like Brazilians are going to have a lot of fun at Carnival 2012!

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