15’000 Condom Coupons Manually Ripped out of Coupon Books

O!zone Condom Store

BOISE – Imagine you’re eagerly waiting for the coupon booklet to be handed out on your campus. You know there’s those condom coupons that entitle you to 20 percent off any purchase of $5 or more at the local condom store which come in very handy to at least 500-600 students every year. Not this time though, they have been manually removed from every single remaining booklet, 15’000 of them (it took 3 days to remove the condom coupons).

This is what happened at Boise State only a few days ago. Apparently there were complaints about the coupons which made Brooks Publishing remove the ads for cheaper rubbers at the The O!zone condom shop located on Broadway Avenue.

According to Caryn Thompson, owner the O!zone, it was the third year they were running the ads in the booklet and never had they experienced negative reactions before. “In the past the coupons have done really well for me … most of the students that came in on Friday were students that are aware that I have the coupon in there and were waiting for the books to come out to come in and make their big purchases,” Thompson said.

However the good news are that O!zone will offer the original discount to everyone with a student ID and knowledge of the condom coupon. There are also plans to offer the coupon through Health, Wellness and Counseling Services and at sexual awareness events across campus. So let’s do the right thing here and get your 20% at Broadway Avenue.

Via arbiteronline.

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