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Apr 22, 2014
by Condomunity Admin

3 Sexy Ways to Celebrate Earth day

EarthDay4 3 Sexy Ways to Celebrate Earth day

Celebrate Earth Day

It's Earth Day! Sure, you can take public transportation and throw everything possible into the recycling bin, but we want you to celebrate Earth Day the sexy way. To embrace this special occasion in a more intimate manner and make a difference too, we have few ideas for you.

Shower together
Countless Earth Day posts tell you to forget showering for the day, but who wants to be grimy? That's not sexy. But you know what is? Lowering the water footprint by sudsing up with your significant other. Showers are hot and steamy and lead to sex the is just as hot. So grab your babe, and hop in the shower. Just remember to keep it short so your shower is only as long as if one of you were showing. You can always move to the bedroom or kitchen to continue the passion.

Have sex with the lights off
Having sex with the lights on is visually stimulating, but if you want to be kind to the environment, try having sex with the lights OFF. It can be just as sexy, and certainly fun, to explore each other's bodies purely by the sensation of touch. You won't need a blindfold if you just turn the lights off!

Control the world's population
Yes, the world's population is exploding. China is the most populous country in the world, but did you know that Indonesia ranks at number 4 right behind the USA? There are 7 billion people on the planet now. In 1930, there were only like 2 billion. That's a lot of sex without condoms! Having children is a wonderful expression of love. But if you are not ready, or are not with the right person, don't do it. Keep the world's population in check by always using condoms when having sex. Seriously, it's the easiest way to minimize the stress on the planet's resources.

So there you have it, 3 sexy ways to celebrate Earth Day.

Apr 7, 2014
by Condomunity Admin

Last Longer in the Bedroom — Introducing LifeStyles Epic Male Genital Desensitizer

LifeStylesEPIC1 Last Longer in the Bedroom    Introducing LifeStyles Epic Male Genital Desensitizer

You expect it to happen when you are 80. And we all know that 18 year-olds have the same issue when they are just starting out, though for different reasons. But really, any man of any age has trouble being a marathon man sometimes. Heck, some have trouble even being a minute man. If you have ever had that embarrassing issue, or think you might, wouldn't you like an easy way to keep you from finishing too fast? Introducing LifeStyles Epic, a fast-acting sexual performance enhancer.

LifeStyles Epic is a male genital desensitizing spray. Now before you go thinking that such a product will keep you from feeling what you want to feel, no worries. This amazing new spray just helps you last longer so you don't ejaculate in a minute.

Sound good?

OK, here's the deal. It's super simple to use Lifestyles Epic. All you have to do is squirt a few sprays on your willy before intercourse. Then go at it. After you finish, which won't be for awhile, wash the product off. It's that easy, and yes, it's that good. Bet you just had the best sex you've had in a long time.

So just what makes this magic spray work? It's got this cool ingredient called Lidocaine, which is actually an anesthetic that reduces the sensitivity of the penis to help prolong ejaculation. This genital desensitizing spray is quick drying and works really fast. It doesn't smell, either.

A couple more things you might want to know is that it's non-toxic. Plus it's all FDA approved. It isn't, however, proven safe to use with condoms.

We recommend LifeStyles Epic Male Genital Desensitizer whole-heartedly for any man who needs a bit of help lasting longer in the bedroom.

Give this revolutionary new product a try and have an epic night of lovemaking.

Note: Consult with a doctor if you think you have a medical issue.

Jan 7, 2014
by Condomunity Admin

A New Year’s Resolution You Will Want to Keep

NewYearsResolution14 A New Years Resolution You Will Want to Keep

Awwwww…. the New Year's Resolution. It's that time of year again. Have you made yours yet?

There are many thoughts on how to decide what your resolution will be and how to make it happen. Making small goals that you know you can keep gives you motivation for achieving others.

Breaking bad habits tops the lists for many people. But you can also add positive habits, and dare we say, have more fun too…

Doing more in the new year is often a goal. It that's on your list, here's a proposition for a new year's resolution you may or may not have settled on for yourself -- Have more sex.

Seriously, have you thought about it? Getting busy is really a fun form of multi-tasking. Get in some exercise, enhance your complexion and improve your spirits. That's all compliments of just one hump session. Sounds good, right?

If this is going to be your goal for the new year, you can't have just any type of sex though. You have to have the right type; so add another element to your resolution. Have more SAFE sex. Remember that making small goals you know you can keep is beneficial for all other aspirations? Practicing safe sex keeps your privates perfect, and is a new year's resolution you know you can keep. Stock up by buying condoms online. It's as easy as that.

Now, for having more sex. That's up to you.

If you're working on a fishing boat in Alaska with a bunch of dudes, having more sex might not be as likely. But for the rest of us, we can squeeze in more sex if we really want to. Streamline housework, order in one night, whatever it takes to give you and your honey time for nookie.

Most people need no more than an hour. Heck, some people only need 10 minutes or less. The good news? Quickies have the same positive results -- Endorphins!

Convinced yet that more safe sex is the one and only new year's resolution you should make and keep this year? Happy humping!

Oct 17, 2013
by Condomunity Admin

Condoms in jails

CondomsJails Condoms in jails
What's more important -- upholding the law or saving money? Californians know the benefits of condoms and think preventing disease, which in turns saves taxpayer dollars, trumps preventing a felony. The California Senate approved a plan for free condoms to be available in adult prisons even though it's a felony to have sex behind bars.

Felony or not, inmate sexual activity happens. Condoms are the best protection against the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and supplying prophylactics is less costly than treating diseases.

This bill by Democrat Assemblyman Rob Bonta, Oakland, passed in the California Senate with a vote of 21-13. Now it's on to the Assembly, and if it passes there, into law, five prisons in the state will be passing out rubbers by 2015 with the remaining 28 California correctional institutions following suit by 2020.

The Golden state is often a trailblazer but it's not the first to pass out prophylactics in prisons. Vermont takes that. And, many other countries--most of Europe, South Africa, Indonesia, even Canada -- have been doing it for awhile. If the Kanucks and Indonesians can do it, why has it taken so long for the U.S., which has the largest inmate population? Did you know that the U.S. has 500 prisoners per 100,000 residents, or about 1.6 million prisoners in 2010*. Comparable size countries have only 100 prisoners per the same amount of residents. Without condoms in California jails, there could be a helluva lot of STDs.

Aug 26, 2013
by Condomunity Admin

Trojan Pure Ecstasy Condoms & the VMAs — The Perfect Pairing

Plunging necklines. Crotch-high slits. Gyrating backup dancers. Yep, we're talking about the VMAs! Opening the show, Lady Gaga caressed the stage in a shell thong bikini then sat in the same outfit in the audience for the rest of the show. Justin Timberlake was as sexy as ever. And then there was Mylie Cyrus… Stripping down to a nude colored vinyl retro two-piece, she masturbated with a number one foam finger before and after grinding on Robin Thicke.

Here at CondomJungle, we were very happy to see that MTV has advertisers fitting such a spectacle. So often, condom commercials can't air during primetime, but the VMAs are the prime time TO air a safe sex message. A commercial for Trojan Pure Ecstasy condoms aired throughout the awards show. The ad follows a naked couple around with various items strategically placed to hide their privates, illustrating a main selling point-- "feels like nothing's there". Of course, like all Trojan condoms, they protect against unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

Can you imagine all the sex that happened once the VMAs and after parities wrapped up? We hope everyone wrapped it up.

Did you like the Trojan Pure Ecstasy commercial? What was your favorite part of the VMAs?

Aug 25, 2013
by Condomunity Admin

Be Prepared with 20 Condoms in Your Pocket — New PSA Music Video

Are those condoms in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Umm… Yes to both. A new PSA promoting safe sex to teens and college kids suggests you keep 20 condoms in your pocket. Nothing like being prepared, eh? The music video PSA, which is a spoof of Macklemore's "Thriftshop" song, goes something like this:

"I've got 20 condoms in my pocket.
I only have protected sex.
I get tested every month.
It's a freakin' condom."

Way to take an annoying song with dumbass lyrics and turn it into a positive message.

The PSA was developed by Forward Together Youth, which is part a multi-racial, Oakland-based nonprofit that promotes culture and policy change to ensure women, youth and families have the resources to succeed. This is vid is the first in a planned series on sex education. Wonder what else they have in their pockets?

Aug 25, 2013
by Condomunity Admin

Why Did Pakistan Ban THIS Condom Commercial?

Too much skin. Gyrating bodies. Simulated sex. Those are a few reasons ads get yanked. What really is too racy? Unfortunately, everyone's definition varies drastically, which is why, in Pakistan, a condom commercial got pulled after hundreds of complaints. We watched it, and watched it again, and not even a belly button was shown let alone a boobie.

The commercial stars Pakistani model, Mathira Mohammed, trying to please her "husband" by feeding him by hand and going next door to ask her neighbor for ice so she can make her spouse a cold drink. What's provocative about that? The neighbors wonder what the guy's secret is…. He holds up a box a condoms and says, "Bring Josh into your life".

Josh means excitement in Urdu, but in this case, it's a double entedre for the brand of condoms. Josh is a subsidiary of DKT International, a nonprofit organization that promotes family planning and safe sex for STD prevention. You would think that India's neighbor would encourage educating its citizens on birth control. But Pakistan's media regulatory agency would rather ban a totally tame commercial.

Hmm… not promoting birth control freely isn't working out so well since Pakistan now has the 6th largest population in the world.

Watch the commercial now and see if you think there is -any- reason it should be banned.

We think this condom commercial by LifeStyles, banned by some, is way funnier and much more provocative. Do you agree? Tell us what you think.

Aug 11, 2013
by Condomunity Admin

Durex Condom Ad vs. Kids on the Loose

The new Durex "Protect Yourself" condom ad has been out for a bit now and, love it or hate it, people are talking about it. A major reason for doing an ad, right? Depicting men coming home to a hellish brood, the ad serves as a reminder to always wear a rubber if children aren't on the immediate plan.

Contrary to what some holier-than-thou types suggest, Durex's intention isn't really for men to never father children, just not to impregnant anyone before they are ready. Not exactly a novel concept, we still found the ad amusing. The Association of Independent Commercial Producers must have too-- they just named this commercial Spec Ad of the Year.

Did we mention the commercial has a great punchline ending, too? Watch the "Protect Yourself" ad now and tell us what you think. Does it make you want to don a condom?

Need another reminder to always suit up if you don't want children just yet? Watch this funny French commercial from 2003. A screaming kid or a rubber? You make the call.

Jul 19, 2013
by Condomunity Admin

Rod Stewart Turns Down Sex With Mick Jagger

RodNMick Rod Stewart Turns Down Sex With Mick Jagger
From lighting a girl's pubic hair on fire to performing oral sex on hookers in a public restaurant in front of stunned diners, rockstar sex stories are the stuff of legend. Infamous to say the least.

You would think the man who wails "Hot legs, wearing me out, Hot legs, bring your mother too" would be just as notorious. But that simply isn't true. Granted, Rod Stewart has always been a sexy rockstar who has plenty of sex, often with gorgeous women half his age. But the rocker turned down a group sex invitation from another mega rockstar, Mick Jagger.

The Scottish rocker revealed in his memoirs and in an interview with the U.K.'s RadioTimes that Mick's proposition happened when both singers were in a recording studio together in the swingin' early 70s. The Rolling Stones' frontman thought it would be sexy fun to have a foursome with his then-wife Bianca, Rod and Dee Harrington, Rod's model girlfriend.

Rod was flattered by the offer, but he definitely said No. He just isn't into the group sex thing, though he admits he tried it once with some "Oriental girls". Why wasn't he interested in Mick's suggestion? It seems that Mr. Stewart is Mr. Romantic. He likes candlelight and prefers one-on-one intimate relations.
If you need more proof that the Scottish rocker is ultra romantic, just check out the lyrics and listen to one of his other famous songs…

You're in my heart, you're in my soul
You'll be my breath should I grow old
You are my lover, you're my best friend
You're in my soul

My love for you is immeasurable
My respect for you immense
You're ageless, timeless, lace and fineness
You're beauty and elegance

No wonder we love Rod Stewart: he's sexy and romantic.

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